Are you constantly thinking of new product ideas but don't know how to profit from them?
Licensing Basics Will Teach You How To Earn Royalties From Your Ideas
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Heidi Larson,
Founder of Hb's Toys & Accessories LLC
"Ryan is truly knowledgeable on all the ins and outs of licensing. He was a very important part of my first licensing deal."
Knowledge is Power!
Licensing Basics is solely an educational and mentoring program that is designed to teach and mentor students in the category of product development and licensing. We will teach you how to get your product developed, manufactured and sold in stores without spending a bunch of money. We also never take any percentage of your royalties. When you get a licensing agreement for your product idea you will keep 100% of the royalties.

"Great Mentor! Very valuable information"
Ryan Smith
"I now understand how to license my product ideas"
Randy Thompson
"Ryan is the licensing Jedi"
John Hunter
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